Matching Investors
To Your Startup Needs

The TechLeaderBoard™ provides startups with the opportunity to present their companies and products to vetted institutional investors and industry leading companies. Using our unique platform, we enable your company to develop the connections needed to secure the funding you deserve.

We Understand What Investors Are Looking For

Over the last 28 years, our analysts have been working with technology-based companies—in both market research and funding. We have taken this inside knowledge and experience to develop the right tools to match startups with investors. Utilizing our combined knowledge, we provide the assistance startups need to be seen, as well as the opportunity to do so. When it comes to investors, we speak their “language.” We will guide you through the process of educating investors to find the right fit for your company.

Access To the Right Tools
For The Right Opportunities

We know what investors are looking for. That’s why we offer services designed to provide you the guidance, marketing, and validations needed to allow you to present the right data in the right ways to ensure that your product and technology are in line with what companies and investors are looking for today. Having access to our centralized platform will provide you with the right tools and access to the right opportunities with specialized assistance from start to finish. With TechLeaderBoard™, your startup could be the next industry leader.

Let the TechLeaderBoard™
Help Bring Your Business to Life

We understand the difficulties startups encounter, particularly in finding the right opportunities to present their products to investors. We specialize in bridging the gap between clients and investors. Think of us as matchmakers in the technology investment world: Our sole purpose is to make certain you find the perfect match for your company.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Who is the TechLeaderBoard™?
The TechLeaderBoard™ is a hosted conversation outside of the usual earnings & guidance-related calls.

The Tech Leader Board allows looking far beyond quarterly results and is an exclusive opportunity to share future trends. The platform is a place to promote & share ideas and provide news on technology & achievements in the semiconductor, alternative energy, crypto & blockchain space, cybersecurity, and the Chinese internet.

Executive Interviews, Round Tables, Conferences, are paired with Industry Research, Surveys, and Corporate Access. The Consulting & Advisory division focuses on company positioning, policy, M&A, and venture funding.

With its strong relationships and a loyal following of institutional investors, the Tech Leader Board is now the portal for companies to connect with Wall Street.