Helping Companies Reach Their Projections

With over 28 years of assisting industry leaders develop, research, market, and fund technology advances, the TechLeaderBoard™ is designed to assist companies in not only reaching but surpassing their projections. From research and marketing to accessing investors and other companies alike, the TechLeaderBoard™ platform is your one-stop-shop for exponential growth.

Matching Companies with
Their Ideal Partners

Our platform uses the proper algorithms to create a customized experience to meet your companies’ unique needs. The TechLeaderBoard™ is programmed to match you with your ideal shareholders, merger potentials, marketing teams, and investors. Creating a matchmaking service for businesses across the technology spectrum. Catering to semiconductors, alternative energy, crypto, cybersecurity, Chinese Internet companies, and so much more, our platform is a space to promote and share with proven results.

Access To The Right Panels for
Effective Market Research

We realize the importance of ensuring the right product-market fit. That’s why we offer services that assist in performing effecting market research with targeted panels. In today’s remote world, we provide the tools needed to obtain the right data to provide short, medium, and long-term trends surrounding companies in and related to the semiconductor and great technology value chain, digital assets, cybersecurity, and alternative energy. This research assists our clients in their tactical and strategic decisions and is provided in easy to understand ways through surveys, written research, and individual consultations tailored to your specific needs.

More Than Just Another Investment Platform

Though the TechLeaderBoard™ does provide several investment opportunities, that is just a small part of what our platform can assist your company with. Obtain consulting & advisory from specialists with over 400 years of combined knowledge and experience. We specialize in advising boards with M&A tactics as well as connecting with industry leading shareholders. Looking for the right media outlets to provide educational campaigns? Daily interactions with leading companies as well as media partnerships provide us with holistic insights and the connections needed to get you to expand your sales by telling your unique story.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Who is the TechLeaderBoard™?
The TechLeaderBoard™ is a hosted conversation outside of the usual earnings & guidance-related calls.

The Tech Leader Board allows looking far beyond quarterly results and is an exclusive opportunity to share future trends. The platform is a place to promote & share ideas and provide news on technology & achievements in the semiconductor, alternative energy, crypto & blockchain space, cybersecurity, and the Chinese internet.

Executive Interviews, Round Tables, Conferences, are paired with Industry Research, Surveys, and Corporate Access. The Consulting & Advisory division focuses on company positioning, policy, M&A, and venture funding.

With its strong relationships and a loyal following of institutional investors, the Tech Leader Board is now the portal for companies to connect with Wall Street.